Thursday, June 26, 2008



W.o.W. Husbands, I laughed pretty darn hard at this one.

Turn signal hoody on Instructables

Just moved in this week :D Have cute ideas I will post up this week.
Lots of love and sunshine this weekend chickies!

Friday, June 20, 2008

My Silky Curls :D

Here are my silky curls, they ship out today :D yay yay yay


Things I Love Thursday/Friday (hehe)
  • Gas Tips How to get your money's worth of fuel
  • DIY Wall Vinyl art from Instructables - With me moving into my new apartment next week (YAY) this is going to be one of my first projects :) Here is their sample:
  • My Silky Curls from I Kick Shins coming in the mail soon :) (mine are blue and black) This is the best site for getting fun dreads and falls. And of course here is a DIY site Doctored Locks Getting some dreads next :)
  • The cutest undies I have ever seen by Pret A Portobello, a street market in London that I have to visit some day. It's the hub of individual fashion and I admire it.

  • Random Fun pictures online:

  • Tattoo by Matt Kolling I am in love with:

Have a good Weekend all :) Projects coming soon... darn moving.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Things I Love Thursday

Pac Man Rings

Paris pictures from WWII
- Fascinating photos of life under Nazi rule.

Ping Pong Ball Lights :D

's adorable sparrow headpiece

Vintage hats with veils, here is one from KissCurl