Friday, August 6, 2010


I have too many unfinished blog posts coz I need to take the time to sit and finish writing them (the paint color I used, reveal pictures, and some last bit tips or how tos). So I give you my room <3

We bought 2 Ikea PAX wardrobes for each side of the bed due to tiny closet issues. We also used 2 Ikea bookshelves as night stands that face the bed. We love to read so its a nice little niche for a few books, water, phones etc.

The Decor:
The three tin decorative art pieces above the bed were a wedding gift, the pillow a Birthday gift, sea foam green pillow cases bought at Michaels on clearance for $2 for the two, and dried Peonies from my garden last spring (I am totally kicking myself for throwing them away this spring because i could not get any this year to dry as beautifully as these did).

Things I'd like to change:
  • Wall color, I hate baby blue, but love aqua, turquoise, sea foam green, sea glass, etc. yes, Im very picky.
  • Headboard? Or would that look too stuffy with the gi-normous wardrobes and bookshelves/nightstands? It just looks kind of off with those 3 pieces, maybe they are too small? but I love them in this room. Ideas?
  • Carpet, its gross. New carpet or put in hardwood floors?