Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Things I love Thursday

* Flower Rings
* Cuff Bracelet
* Pagoda/ Edwardian umbrellas
* Hummingbird chandalier
* New fun project sites Cut Out + Keep
* Cute spring outfits

Nothing fancy this week :( working on projects, soon to have my store officially opened and doing business -yay-

Monday, March 24, 2008

Weekly Resolutions

Well, last week's resolutions weren't too great :-/ BUT, theres always a new week! The weather here is unreal... its snowing about once a week and making us all a little crazy waiting for spring. So I have found myself in a nasty rut of recorded shows, dinner, and WoW leaving no time for activities about every night.

Finish up projects/throw out unwanted fabrics taking up too much space: my light blue scarf, apron, plaid dress.

♣ Work out/get out/go play. Not everyday is some kind of terrible snow storm: go for a walk, ride my bike to the lake and if it is bad weather, might as well hop into my little gym with a couple magazines. I am super tired again lately and I know its lack of physical activities ;)

♣ The dreaded boxes.... GO THROUGH THEM haha

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Things I Love Thursday


Mana My elf healer would love these ;). Just about fell out of my chair when I saw this. I love it! Now I want to try it!

I hate my work keyboard. Its gross and I feel like it crawls around in garbages in the wee hours of the morning before I get in with all of the grossness slobbered all over the keys ICK plus its ugly and bland like the rest of a typical cubicle so Here Oh and this one is just Bad A$$ and something my gaming habits do not need but so do desire :D

Here is my happy Outfit I put together for the Nerd day occasion

Monday, March 17, 2008

Weekly Resolutions

  • Organize things. I have about 3 months until I move into my new HUGE lovely apartment. I need to go through my books (started yesterday teehee), get a new box for my 'memories' so I can put all the yearbooks and school papers in there clear up some bookshelf space.
  • Finally organize my craft boxes
  • Then there is the candle/decorations/bathroom products dump boxes x-(
  • Start my kitchen apparel :) Making aprons with matching oven-mits.
  • Get up early to have cereal, cup of coffee and read the news.
  • Work out, or go for a walk every other day (yay daylight savings time)
  • Sneak in some fun online training courses at work when I get bored.
PHEW its gonna be a good week if I can get these all accomplished ;)

Friday, March 7, 2008

Projects, projects, projects

FINALLY, I made some things I can show off!

♥ I didn't have enough fabric to make the cozy according to the plans I posted last week LapTop Cozy But I love this fabric (not a clue what the name is :( but its a very thick, upholstery fabric) and it turned out pretty ok! I think I want to add a handle or straps and I still need to attach the velcro.

♥ I finished my boyfiend's throw pillow (lets hope he likes it tehe) This was a tad over my skills but I was darn determined and I think I took it apart about 4 times to get it to this! Its not Broncos orange, really! Its a burnt orange, suede fabric.

♥ And, in my Harry Potter marathon - peanut butter and jelly - bored frenzy I made an elastic choker I am IN LOVE with! (From a huge lot of lace I got dirt cheap on craigslist.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Things I Love Thursday :D

Easter - Everything is so colorful, happy, and cheerful. Its a true sign that its going to feel like spring soon (This MN winter has taken a toll on my love of winter). I feel like growing purple tulips, opening my windows, baking little heart shaped cakes in a pink ruffled apron, and painting colored eggs. And, for my little darker side we have Peep Experiments. Now I love these little guys but they are so gross, I can't eat them. So this is fun to play with!

Kendra Binney - I love her playful and sentimental pieces. I am dieing to buy one soon!

Feathered Hair pins - These are so elegant, I think I may try and make a couple for myself!

Top Hat - The Gothic Lolita in me :)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Weekly To Do list

Last week was ok, I will post pics of my mittens and reconstruction projects asap :) - peep