Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Well, sorry about the lack of updating...

I lost my job earlier this month, so I have been working my patootie off trying to get a new job. While also thinking about what is it that I really want to do and getting the chance to finally sit down and work out some fun crafting lovelies. I have started a bolero, gloves, worked on my Twilight Lucky Swap, my sister's baby bibs and oodles of changes. And on the Wedding side, I finished making the invitations (which somehow was harder than I expected), figured out ceremony and reception placing since its not really a traditional wedding location, were doing things a little differnt. Then my lease is up in March so I have been trying to move things over to my fiance's place. And, his Mom and I have been redecorating his bathroom, re-organizing the entire house

SOOO, I have found the perfect dress on complete accident. I went to show my Fiance's Mom that there really weren't any dresses out there for me and that the Nordstrom dress was the best one for me. Here is the drama from my last entry. Well, the gal just happened to run across a sale item that was in ivory tea-length and full of lace, pearls and sparkles. It is hands down the dress I have been looking for that I never knew exsisted. I am SO excited about it.

I will post later my how to on wedding invites and ceremony funs!