Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Winter is here. What a bully she is to kick out poor Autumn this year!

So, after a conversation with my dear friend Nat this last weekend about knee high boots, I dedicate this one to you dear :)
Up here in Minnesota, winters are kind brutal and always icy no matter how much salt you dump on the ground. High heels are a slip-on-your-butt-faster-than-you-can-blink so these are all flats that I simply adore!

Are there any other sites where you have your favorites on wishlists?

Friday, October 2, 2009

Kitchen Remodel Inspiration Board

So, we want to remodel our kitchen. Here are some things we would like to do:
1. Paint the cabinets white/bleached wood look/ivory
2. New backsplash
3. Dark counter tops, not sure on laminate or not yet
4. Paint the walls a softer color and more neutral to whatever cabinet color and countertop colors we choose.
5. New floors, maybe wood

Here are some pretty ideas we are looking at:

Check out the ceiling in this one! Husband wont go for it, but its really pretty!

ANNNND here is our kitchen now (sorry for the mess):

Ok, here is one of my biggest problems... Should I paint the trim along the top and bottom of the cabinets and around the windows? If I do, look closely (sorry about the flash, I was hurrying, battery was dieing) the color around the windows is a faux wood, how would I paint that?

What do you think?