Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring Has Sprung!

Spring has finally sprung!

I have an extensive list outdoor to-dos before June (Wedding):

  • Curb Appeal - Our front yard is in need of a little lovin. We want to take out all of the rock from the front and replace with something else. Also, extend the front porch maybe use some slate like this?

  • Re-do the flower beds and change up the bricks circling the trees

  • Plant some lavendar in front of the windows for some nice evening breeze scents

  • Start our backyard garden

  • Start my cutting garden

  • Power wash and re-stain the deck

  • Compost bin

  • Rain barrel - I want to set it up so the rain from the gutters go into the barrel and some system

Here is a picture of my arranged backyard plans. Its not as crowded as it looks ;)

What do you think? What are your springtime/gardening plans?

Oh and of course, some lovelies I would enjoy for spring:

My "Moi je jou" outfit: Bicycle Basket, Dress and my flowers from my soon-to-be garden and I will be set:

Check out Channel's commercial on YouTube, song by Bridget Bardot

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Invitations are out!!


We went to Archivers to find some inspiration for our own Wedding invitations. We figured since we are having such a small Wedding, we could throw together a few invitations ourselves.

We bought paper supplies from the Yours Truly line. It took about 5 packs of Brown 4x6, Pool A2, Pool Postcard and Brown envelopes (I had some of my own white cardstock that I used for the wording page). The total on invitations was around $130 for the paper, paper cutter, swirl stamps, ink pads and postage stamps. Thanks to Archivers handy printing templates that can be downloaded from their site, it was a piece of cake to print with minor tweaks since we aren’t Windows OS users. I used clear block stamps, which I highly recommend using versus rubber traditional stamps, on the invitation, RSVP and Envelopes to add a fun personalized and elegant look.

For paper conservation (and postage is only $0.27) we went with a simple postcard for RSVPs. At the bottum right corner you see numbers which correspond to each guest in a spreadsheet, to ensure the returned card matches with the correct guest.

Our info card is two sided. Side one includes directions to the Ceremony/Reception location, our website and my contact information.

Side two was a map I drew using Power Point and Google Maps. See WeddingBee for details how to make your own map :)

There are many differnt stamps these days, I went with a Minnesota stamp versus personalized or wedding theme

AND, it was a blast to make :)