Thursday, August 2, 2012

Kitchen Update 10: Tile Finalized

Grouting was a little more difficult than I had originally anticipated (seems to be a theme, hehe). Anyways, stirring 25 pounds of messy dusty grout into a bucket of water (think cement but finer), somehow spreading it evenly between each tile, then getting between the tiny bits around the edges on the top, flush with the upper cabinets and bottom, flush with the counter-top. 
One of my absolute favorite blogs, Young House Love has been an incredible influence and resource for several projects, such as this article on installing the penny tile in their kitchen, using tile nippers, prepping the room, mixing and spreading the thinset, and de-glazing and sealing the tile.  Another fabulous blog called My Blessed Life was also a great reference, like this caulking tip

Back to it, here is an action shot of the super messy process of grouting. PS. That corner seam is my favorite part. 
And, I broke the rubber float used to spread the grout about 45 seconds after taking this picture and had  to do some funky duel wielding with the float. (Yes I so just made a W.O.W. reference with a link coz I am so nerd like that)
And Ta-Da!

What do you think so far? Still have a little work around the windows and crown molding to do yet, but I am thrilled with the substitute tile, the look, everything about it all :)