Friday, June 24, 2011

Confess Today

I Confess I hate eating breakfast even though it makes me feel ten times better if I do.

I Confess I haven’t done a real load of laundry in 2 weeks, I just keep running mini washes so I don’t have to put anything away.

I Confess that I have had a coffee cooler at least once a week for the past month (I never do this because I hate the price of them).

I Confess that I am ADDICTED to my gym! I even got a Badge on Foursquare from it.  I went twice today... nuts I know.

I Confess that I am a social network FIEND. I even have a special internet browser (RockMelt) that helps me see all my feeds!

I Confess that while work is stressing me out, I love being everyone’s go-to gal and their goofy grins when I tell them I can fix it.

I Confess that I love all these rainy days.

I Confess that I can sit and watch whole series of shows if it didn’t drive my husband nuts (Dr Who season 4, X-Files again, Star Trek TNG again...etc.)

I Confess that last night I was supposed to do homework and laundry (see above) but spent most of the night playing StarCraft. Nerd.

What are you confessing today?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Summer Solstice!

I hope you all enjoy your longest day of the year :D Did you all get your $2 off Caribou Coolers? I was all over it, and dragged poor co-workers along with hehe.

Fun fact for all: My husband does most of the grocery shopping, this is why:

I was supposed to get ODouls and Crystal Light.... which you dont see coz I had to go back and get it... 

Here is what happened, I went into the grocery store and saw my crazy messed up hair in the window and thought 
1. oh I should get some black hair dye to put stripes in my RED roots!

2 and 3. Then I see the deep conditioning oil next to my fav hair spray which is on sale. Sweet! Dull hair no more for me! PS like the shirt? Says "I fight like a girl" World of Warcraft style <3
4. I see Tonic water on sale, love. My thought process "Yay! I'll have lemon tonic water while I do homework"
5. Back on track, I am perusing the rest of the beverage aisle and my eye catches I scream internally "is that an AQUA can over there?!?!?" And see this lovely set of energy drinks in Pomegranate, Mango, Berry, etc. My thought process: "OMG how CUTE I'll buy 3!!"
6. Darn Cub Foods puts the dumbest things on clips between shelves Me: "What is that thing sparkling... OMG Skulls... OMG They are tattoos!!!, buying those" And yes I talk like a screaming Bieber- loving 14 year old in my head. And Yes, I have already put 4 tats on before starting this post.... and before I started my homework.
7. I am done for with a zero calorie water thats lavender mint flavored. It didn't even make it home. Its seriously incredible delish. Go get some.

ANYways, happy Tuesday all. Happy Summer Solstice :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Digging today

Long time no see! I've been a whirl-wind of projects, activities, and travel! So I thought I'd post a few of my fav things I have been digging lately.

I adore little reading nooks like this one
I am officially on a mission for cute silky scarfs and am wearing my hair like this all summer!!! 
And aviators!!! I bought a pair and am in looove with them, my face shape isn't quite right for 'em but "I do what I want"

 I'm not usually a fan of stacked books and frames wallpapering the walls, but this one I adore

 COLOR! I want more of it like this pic, plus look at that settee. Tis Christy-bliss

Products I am lovin'
(These are all items I just happen to adore and am not getting anything to mention these)
Bronzers! Flash Bronzer Anti-Age by Lancome is by far my favorite! It smells great, dries a little quicker than most and lasts for a long time without having to re-apply several times a week.

Lancome Flash Bronzer Anti-Age Face Lotion/1.7 oz.

My second favorite bronzer is a bit more wallet friendly: Tantowel there aren't any dyes or staining and looks incredible even the first day you use it, over the week you will notice an incredible difference. Cons: I really do not like the smell, I spritz a bit of my homemade body spray over it (make sure its alcohol free if you do this), also it takes a really long time to dry and if its muggy out, I will skip it. I cant even get my makeup on evenly with this product. In the winter though its perfect! Keeps my face moisturized all day.
Tantowel On The Glow, Self Tanning Moisturizer 8 fl oz (200 ml)

Next, Génifique Youth Activating Cream Serum Lancome again: This stuff is incredible, the smell is gentle, its a cream but it goes on like silk. I used a sample from Sephora for about a month and it dramatically changed lines under my eyes and the bright red of my cheeks was gone.
Lancome Genifique Youth Activating Cream Serum 1 oz / 30 ml
Fat Girl Slim I hate the name too, but I have been a gym fanatic these last 3 months and wanted something to help with some old marks. This is sooo delish smelling and works so well, I noticed a difference in about 2 weeks!

Bliss FatGirlSlim Skin Firming Cream 6 oz (170.1 g)

LUSH! They have the best products  I <3 everything. But quickly here are some top summer favs: Silky Underwear Dusting Powder Leaves your skin silky soft all day and has an incredible soft jasmine scent.
I am big into solid perfumes for the summer, I think it helps keep the bitter alcohol smell off during those more humid hot days. I just got Lust the other day, another jasmine scent but with a little bite to it. Its fantastic and lasts all day even after my lunch BodyPump classes!

Mwah! I hope you are all having a lovely spring, and I will work on posting my projects for real this time around ;)