Friday, June 24, 2011

Confess Today

I Confess I hate eating breakfast even though it makes me feel ten times better if I do.

I Confess I haven’t done a real load of laundry in 2 weeks, I just keep running mini washes so I don’t have to put anything away.

I Confess that I have had a coffee cooler at least once a week for the past month (I never do this because I hate the price of them).

I Confess that I am ADDICTED to my gym! I even got a Badge on Foursquare from it.  I went twice today... nuts I know.

I Confess that I am a social network FIEND. I even have a special internet browser (RockMelt) that helps me see all my feeds!

I Confess that while work is stressing me out, I love being everyone’s go-to gal and their goofy grins when I tell them I can fix it.

I Confess that I love all these rainy days.

I Confess that I can sit and watch whole series of shows if it didn’t drive my husband nuts (Dr Who season 4, X-Files again, Star Trek TNG again...etc.)

I Confess that last night I was supposed to do homework and laundry (see above) but spent most of the night playing StarCraft. Nerd.

What are you confessing today?

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