Monday, August 31, 2009

All Things old

Beautiful Homes

My recent obsession with European culture/Architecture has lead me to fall completely in love with this home in East Sussex, England.

Vintage little Finds

This is the Best Miniature portraits site I have ever found <3

This man's name is Lefroy, rumored to the inspiration for Mr Darcy from "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen. I am thinking he looks an awful lot like Charlisle from Twilight (nerd, I knows it).

But how fascinating would it be to maybe find an ancestor in one of these miniature portraits?

leading us next to:

Ok I have tried to use this a dozen times before. It takes a lot of time to first figure out the site, then more time to start working on your ancestors. The best advice I can give is talk to your grandparents first! Write down as much as you can, I am sure they all would love to chat about their past and stories they heard from their grandparents and so on. Any pictures, old family bibles or books to help find names and birth/death/marriage dates. Then start your 14-day trial on, you can research on old newspapers, draft records etc and even connect with distant relatives. I have discovered one link going all the way to Richard I of Normandy in the 9th Century. And that Duncan the I of Scotland was the predecessor of Macbeth, who Shakespeare roughly portrayed his play on. oOo :D