Friday, February 14, 2014

Fascinators and Hats!

I decided to start up a business making fascinators and hats!  I love costumes, dressing up, and accessorizing.  I fell in love with these tiny fascinator hats a lot of it inspired by the adorable Kate Middleton:

Kate Middleton Ponytail
The Vogue Vibes
Kate Middleton Hat Style
The Vogue Vibes

Cupcake Mag
I work in an office cube-farm type job and am deprived of my creative side and with hats I feel like these are all tiny open canvases, each of  these have different flares based on what fabric remnants, flowers, gems, beads, broken jewelry that I disassembled to adorn these hats!
I named my new business CC Hart Millinery and as soon as I get a few last details and a few hats in my inventory, I will start selling on my etsy store.

Here are two of my hats I am currently working on:

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