Friday, April 30, 2010

Flower Crown

Cute cute Gala just posted about a cute flower crown she bought and I am mega inspired to get one for myself!
She got hers from Etsy seller: Which Goose
Well I have a cute little apple tree in my back yard that is blooming happily and I just had to play with a branch and a hair tie :D

I only have a blossoming apple tree for a few more weeks so i sill want a cute crown but for now I am prancing around my house like a silly gal.

What do you think?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Curious Tuesday!

Curious Tuesday!

Gala over at is doing a get to know you post on her site, which I would like to adopt as well :)

Curious Tuesday 001
1. What is the strangest compliment you’ve ever received?
"You have the most golden aura I have ever seen" - I was at a Punk show in Chicago with flip flops and a PBR
2. What’s your little-known talent?
I can do most of my car maintence if I really felt like it/had the time
3. What do you obsessively search for on eBay?
vintage dresses, champagne glasses and seltzer makers
4. When you were a child, who did you worship & want to be like?
Scully from the X-Files - FBI agent, red-head and lovely Mulder
5. What was your palate band? Otherwise known as the first band you heard that made you realise the world of music was larger than whatever the Top 20 singles were!
Social Distortion or Muse, when they first came out I was in love.

I would love to hear about yours as well, you can comment below or link you own blog below :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Lower Bath Color Peek

Take a peek at the paint color of my lower bathroom remodel.
What do you think so far? Iwill post more pictures as it comes along

Friday, April 16, 2010

Media Center Reveal!!!

Remember the old TV situation from this post?

Well TA DA here is the new TV and stand, everything fits well on the wall, and well organized.

My Criteria:
  1. Hidden storage, but an open shelf for the remote sensors.
  2. Has to have feet, its more elegant and open feeling.
  3. Color, I wanted it with a warm cherry tone to match the shelves above and similar to the coffee table
  4. Price of course, I bought it here, but on clearance
What do you think?! Have a happy weekend all :)

Monday, April 5, 2010


The Creative Place is having a birthday giveaway!
1st giveaway: Your choice - a Found Paper Scrap Pack or a Custom Made-for-You Art journal - you pick the color scheme! Art journals are 5”x7” bound with metal book rings. These super fun journals have a variety of vintage and “found” papers and envelopes and are embellished with buttons, tags, and paper rounds. Just add your own pictures, mementos, and journaling details! Great for storing thoughts, ideas and inspiration. To get an idea of what the insides look like, go here.
2nd Giveaway: A Huge Stash of Fabric Remnants from different craft projects - but still plenty big to work with - over 35 different patterns/pieces. I did a similar giveaway in the past and it was such a huge hit, that I'm doing it again! :) Included are some fabrics by: Moda, Heidi Grace, Alexander Henry, Donna Wilder, Michael Miller and Debbie Mumm... and also a bunch of generic scraps. Some fabrics have been prewashed and dried, some have not. (Please note that the picture is from the earlier giveaway... (ahem! ;) I wanted to get this post up) and some fabrics may not be exact, but you will of course get a lovely variety of colors and patterns. :)

Click Here to enter by leaving a comment

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring Fanaticism

With the absolute gorgeous weather we are having, I have started a few things around the yard.

Last weekend I cleared the sticks, leafs, pine pricklies and dead stuff from the yard and garden beds of my front yard. Was only able to pull some of the old wood chips from the back yard and rake the dead leafs and grass from under the apple tree.
Yesterday I pulled the herbs from the grow light in the basement and put them outside, re-potted the dwarf daffodils and started a pot for my black tulips :D

Tonight, the aqua hammock and patio furniture's cushions are going out!

Being in Minnesota, it may be too early and I know that I will have to bring all that in every night for a few more weeks but I love love it outside and cannot stay inside any longer!

Are you doing any fun outdoor planting/planning?