Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring Fanaticism

With the absolute gorgeous weather we are having, I have started a few things around the yard.

Last weekend I cleared the sticks, leafs, pine pricklies and dead stuff from the yard and garden beds of my front yard. Was only able to pull some of the old wood chips from the back yard and rake the dead leafs and grass from under the apple tree.
Yesterday I pulled the herbs from the grow light in the basement and put them outside, re-potted the dwarf daffodils and started a pot for my black tulips :D

Tonight, the aqua hammock and patio furniture's cushions are going out!

Being in Minnesota, it may be too early and I know that I will have to bring all that in every night for a few more weeks but I love love it outside and cannot stay inside any longer!

Are you doing any fun outdoor planting/planning?

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