Friday, May 1, 2015

A Shed for a Garden

We're finally building a shed by our garden beds.  After searching for one, we decided to build our own.  We modified some designs found on The Family Handyman to help us with cuts and dimensions.

We found a great tip for building the foundation and making the shed level (our backyard has a gradual slope).  We dug 4 holes, packed with paver sand and placed a cinder block at each corner.  I will later plant hostas around the shed will look less angled.

Base getting set up:

Brother helping haha

Flooring down: 

Picking up materials for the walls (Obviously far too early for this girl, Husband is as dashing as ever)

Walls going up: 

Rainy day, we built the roofing in the garage and carried it down and covered for next weekend.

Time to paint!  Choosing the color, I painted a piece of board white which will be the trim color and a metal conduit to show the roof color.

Crossing our fingers, we'll have this done this weekend to show off!!

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