Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Things I Love Thursday

Tags A very very cool site, type in what kind of picture you want to look for on Flicker. Visually fantastic by the way!

Dark and Pink web Comics - They love to hate feminists, I have this up on my cube wall ;)

September's Music - Its Pop/Dance and so darn happy I love it here is one of her music videos

Have a lovely weekend everyone :D

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Stolen boyfriend shirt deconstruction

TA-DA here is a fun tunic-like shirt I made out of a tool company shirt ...

formally the boyfriend's tee shirt, thanks for the donation love ;) hehe

"Sawdust. As close to potpourri as we get."

Monday, May 19, 2008

Emergency project

Well, I have a fun trip this weekend going up north for a family event with my boyfriend and his folks. Since the ice melted of the lakes maybe 3 weeks ago, I am guessing its might be darn cold... and they want to swim, play in boats, tubing, etc. Panic mode- not in exact swimsuit shape and just in case i am correct in the weather chilliness factor, I want to bring some sort of tunic with me. Now, finding one that isn't lame/way over priced is an impossible mission. SO I am going to make one :D :D

Idea: plain tunic/poncho-like, showing off my suit and a lot of skin
Fabric ideas: jersey knit, gauze, eyelit

Will post "drawing ideas" (not real good at that yet so bare with me hehe)

Friday, May 2, 2008

Angies Wedding Project


So, I decided to take the personal touch route for my little sister's wedding gift. Its ADORABLE and I think I will make my own if I get engaged to frolic around in during my wedding planning trips and excursions. Here is a set I was thinking about getting her:

AWWWW so cute! Right... well the average Bride sweat shirt is about $50, Plus $40 for the pants (sigh) SO, we DIY it :D
Went to a store and got this ADORABLE set, and since her big day is a Colorado May wedding. I chose a capri and 3/4 length sleeve hoodie set (they are the same color (light blue capris), just darn bad lighting :-(

And, here is my final product!!

Here is my oops its gonna be backwards...

haha I got it!

Trying to model this in my messy bathroom hehe

Happy monogram instead of Bride to be, so she can wear it after she is married!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

TILT... sort of

I have been a bit late on my blogs :(

I have 2 Big projects that I will be taking pics of as soon as I get home! Until then...

I bring you Outfits that I designed! HOORAY!

Secret Agent MOD:

Rainy Day Splashing:

My life as a Cupcake: