Friday, May 2, 2008

Angies Wedding Project


So, I decided to take the personal touch route for my little sister's wedding gift. Its ADORABLE and I think I will make my own if I get engaged to frolic around in during my wedding planning trips and excursions. Here is a set I was thinking about getting her:

AWWWW so cute! Right... well the average Bride sweat shirt is about $50, Plus $40 for the pants (sigh) SO, we DIY it :D
Went to a store and got this ADORABLE set, and since her big day is a Colorado May wedding. I chose a capri and 3/4 length sleeve hoodie set (they are the same color (light blue capris), just darn bad lighting :-(

And, here is my final product!!

Here is my oops its gonna be backwards...

haha I got it!

Trying to model this in my messy bathroom hehe

Happy monogram instead of Bride to be, so she can wear it after she is married!

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