Monday, May 19, 2008

Emergency project

Well, I have a fun trip this weekend going up north for a family event with my boyfriend and his folks. Since the ice melted of the lakes maybe 3 weeks ago, I am guessing its might be darn cold... and they want to swim, play in boats, tubing, etc. Panic mode- not in exact swimsuit shape and just in case i am correct in the weather chilliness factor, I want to bring some sort of tunic with me. Now, finding one that isn't lame/way over priced is an impossible mission. SO I am going to make one :D :D

Idea: plain tunic/poncho-like, showing off my suit and a lot of skin
Fabric ideas: jersey knit, gauze, eyelit

Will post "drawing ideas" (not real good at that yet so bare with me hehe)

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