Thursday, March 31, 2011

My current obsessions!

Anthro Dresses!

This color palate (Koh Lanta, Thailand via This Battered Suitcase)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring Finds!

It snowed again, its cold again and I am having a pretty miserable day.  So I decided to round up some pretties I have bookmarked. Check out these spring-ish finds :)

First up this giveaway over at Jones Design Company:
Birdcage card/picture holder. I am thinking of buying this to replace the one in my hallway I made last Christmas.


Mirrored sparrows in flight! I have a set now as you can see here, and I kind of want to add more, making them look like a flock flying across the corner instead of scattered like they are now.


How fun would a few of these look under my patio?! Love them!!


Cute terreriums

Doodlebirdie on Etsy

Cute birdhouses
Mudpuppy on Etsy
Planting these, all from Burpee:
I have my seeds started, Christmas wreath and other lights down (dont judge they were all frozen to some surface until last weekend when it WAS warm)