Saturday, January 29, 2011

Painted Living Room and Entryway

Back in October I won some amazing paint brushes from a giveaway that A Life's Design put on!

I put these puppies to good use while painting a few walls in my living room and entryway. I loved the being able to rotate the brushes in the handle to get all those hard to paint areas *coughs*BASEBOARDS*coughs*

I tried to keep the same color tones but wanted to lighten up the space.  So here are a few before and afters for ya!


PS check out the tiny mirror sparrows reflecting light all over, love them (a gift from my sister)

*ahem* excuse the mess, Hubby, our friend and I were watching the world's worst movie: Star Wars Holiday Special and we felt like documenting the event (Check the end for the movie). This pic also happens to be the ONLY picture I have pre-marriage pre-decorating.


And here are some pics of the hallways

And here is a picture where I left the window wall the original color, shows a good contrast of old and new. Keeps the overwhelming BROWNS down a little.

I used BEHR Ultra in Flat (a good choice for hiding imperfections in your walls) its a Primer and paint in one and I looove it, great coverage and only took two coats. Check this link I use for picking the right paint finish.

The hallway is in Pale Cucumber 
The living room is in Interactive Cream

Thanks A Life's Design for the giveaway! And I hope you all enjoy the pics!

Here is Star Wars Holiday Special (I have warned you):


Anna @ The Owl & The Phoenix said...

Looks great! Now you just need some crisp white trim to really make it pop =)

lil Me said...

Yes yes!!! Thats next maybe after the kitchen.