Tuesday, January 4, 2011

DIY steampunk/victorian and renaissance hats

I have had a few comments and questions about some of the hats I have made in the past, so I thought I would share what I did!

1. Do you sell your hats?
I have seriously thought about selling a few hats on Etsy here.  I will start making a few and posting them in February  which I will announce here on my blog!
2. How much will they cost?
Depending on the style and materials, but they will start around $20!
3. What materials will you use?
I generally use buckram frames and cover them with velvet or taffeta and accents with netting and feathers
4. How do you make them?
Its pretty easy if you take the time and have a lot of patience!

For this hat I bought my buckram frame kit from here: http://www.denisenadinedesign.com/Dianne%20Home.htm. Sewing the brim on was the most difficult, make sure to have a thick needle.  I used a leather needle with a pair of leather gardening gloves on (grips nicely). I used remnant taffeta fabric, ostrich feathers and a necklace broach from Joann's. Sew the fabric around the hat glue on some pretties and tada!

This hat was also from a buckram frame, but less sewing involved and more glue used.  It was the quickest one of the two to make by far!  I used velvet and a little trim to match the dress and a jewel I had stashed away from a pair of chandalier earrings that had broken.

Here are a few of my favorite stores for supplies:
Buckram frames:
Hat Materials and supplies:

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