Friday, January 7, 2011

2011 Goals and Resolutions

Well it's 2011 (two-thousand-&-heaven as Gala sweetly calls it) and I finally got around to making a whole new set of goals/resolutions for the year

Lets take a look at last year's resolutions:
Try cross country skiing  Loved it! Only went once though
•Go snowmobiling
Start a reading log for the books I have read  I update my GoodReads page often with books I currently read, my own critiques, and can keep a sturdy to-read list all in one spot!
•Take a cooking class with the hubby. Never did this, however we do spend a lot of time working on new and interesting dishes from cookbooks my Mother-In-Law buys us every Christmas
Get rid of old clothes and shoes I never wear and start figuring out what style I'd like: Start a scrapbook & fill it with images, words & ideas to keep inspired. Keep a list of "must haves" outside closet for easy shopping. This seems like an on-going task, but here is the before and afters:
Create a new Budget is incredible! Take a tour here
Have a personal date once a week: Go to a movie, eat an amazing meal, go for a long meandering walk or have a candlelit bubble bath. Just take time out for you. Regularly.  This one was hard to track, but I worked to keep good constructive times for myself to re-group.
Write a letter to the one person you allowed to make 2009 more difficult than it needed to be. Be as angry & vicious as you like, but when you’re done, burn it or tear it into little pieces.  This I cannot recommend enough!  A lot of times you cannot confront the ones that hurt you so you have to deal with it yourself.
Learn to use Photoshop like an almost-pro (YouTube has cute little sessions, but I am at work so I will add the link later) Took a class here
•Get active, get physical 3 times a week. Sign up for a class! didn't do :(

I didn't complete all my goals, but was glad to have one spot I could reference to. This year I have bigger and brighter goals for 2011!
  • Read double the number of books read last year (read 33 last year, 66 is the goal for this year) I will be tracking on GoodReads for this too!
  • Start making my hats for Etsy
  • Keep trucking through school, gotta get that degree
  • Finish writing my book (I am at about 25,000 words so far)
  • Publish the book?
  • Try going on different dates with the hubby, try new things, enjoy new things together :)
  • Blog once a week, I have plenty of posts started, ideas etc. Just haven't taken the time to work them out and post them with updated pictures.
  • Remodeling monthly goals:
    • January - Pantry organization
    • February - Update the bathroom: biggest goals is to finish the last bits of my lower bath and update the mirror and rugs in the upper bathroom
    • March - Closet trash/recycle/donate/organize: my guest closet is a blanket dump right now and I still have several mismatched sheets and pillow cases and even ones for bed sizes we do not even have anymore.
    • April - Wash all the windows, panes, screens etc to let in that beautiful spring sun
    • May - Prep, wash and setup the deck for Spring
    • June - Plant and move the gardens to the end of the yard
    • July - Organize the garage
    • August - Re-paint the house
    • September - December I want to work on the kitchen remodel
  • A few little things that have been in the back of my mind to do
    • Finish a project before you start a new one example1 example2
    • Update and delete all those songs I keep skipping through on my iPod!
    • WORK OUT, I like doing it once I get there!
What are your goals this year? Link em up, I'd love to check them out!


lil Me said...

Oh gees! Well I just now realized those goals were from 2009... I have no idea where my 2010 goals ended up :-/
Lets call them my 2-year plan?!

Anna @ the owl and the phoenix said...

I think they are your 2010 goals. The 2009 is just referring to someone in the past year, no?

Here are my goals for 2011:

lil Me said...

Well thats what I thought but I posted it on 1/1/09 soo.... oops :)

Yay I'll check yours out tonight :)

Julie said...

Great resolutions for next year and very realistic too.

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