Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Etsy Finds of the day!

I came across a few AMAZING pieces today while looking for a dress for my buddy's wedding in April.

PyxusPassionProject describes her style as 'womenswear with contemporary styling and a bit of an edge'.  I love all of her pieces and has this STUNNING dress I want really really badly.

Check out the back:

And look at the details on the back of this dress

sdfgeee makes beautiful coats and I have been eyeing these fantastic thick linen trousers.

And this coat:

And another coat from xiaolizi

And this coat from Ivy Tang (what can I say I am in Minnesota and its cold out hehe)
Ok got side tracked by those but back to dresses
Love this cowl neck cocktail dress by makemeadress

And on the vintage side, I spotted this 50's dress, I am not a huge fan of baby blue, but  I love everything about this little dress!

Lastly someone getting married needs to buy this dress!  It is unique and incredible looking!! I am not a big fan of traditional looking wedding dresses, so this one is perfect!

PS. I just tried to link back to a post on how my wedding dress looked and how the wedding turned out to find... I never posted it... how did I miss that?! I might make it my 2 year anniversary project or something in June. Totally embarrassed

And on goes the search for a dress too ;) I'll let ya know what I find.


Kimbirdy said...

wow, those are all gorgeous!!

lil Me said...

Thanks Kimbirdy! I thought so too! PS I love love your blog!

Michelle Pyxus said...

Great finds! Thanks so much for including my dress in your post... Those two in particular were definitely labours of love. All the best!