Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Ok so here is my back yard as of today
 This shows the deck, patio, lovely hammock and the apple trees
 Herbs and lil fruit all in a row (note the terrible deck overdue for sanding and staining upcoming this weekend)

Hosta with bird seed spillage accident with little plants growing underneath.

Here is some mystery tree growing in the large bucket

 The cutting garden...the arrows point out the plants I have actually planted....

Can't see?

Here is plant One a lone Lilly from a 10 pack of mixed lillies

These are my peonies that were transplanted only a year ago... these weren't supposed to bloom like this for another year or two so I am super excited at how many buds and how green it is this year.

I meant to pull them all from in-between these trees:
My neighbour has the prettiest yard <3 ...erhm anyways...

These plants were all dug up last spring... and they re-grew... oh well More Peonies for Moi
How does Your garden grow?


Anonymous said...

it is so green.

my backyard is beige with a hint of dirty brown. snazzzy.

lil Me said...

There are some great new hybrid roses that grow in containers called 'David Austin Roses' they are very old fashioned kinda Victorian and Super beautiful. I am getting on for my deck landing that I think you'd all like too :)

Beach Vintage said...

Love your herbs and vege garden. Thanks for dropping by Beach Vintage and hope to see you again soon.

Luvystacy said...

Lovely herbs and garden...I try growing some herbs last year but it didn't work out...Maybe I'll try again this year. This is Stacy (luvystacy) from Swap-bot. I also followed your blog. :D


Anne said...

I love the lush greens in these photos, everything looks so healthy and well cared for. It puts me to shame- I spend so much time selling plants, I don't often get to plant my own!

Erin H said...

Very pretty! I have been working on my landscaping as well. I have about all the flower beds planted finally, now to wait a couple years for them to spread and they will look great!

I <3 your hosta! Mine are all just plain green.

aprettykitty84 from swap bot