Thursday, March 25, 2010


Things I Love Thursday
My new Countessa Fluorescent opaque lipstick from LimeCrime, I seriously plan my outfits twice a week so I can wear this
Making adorable gifts for my friends upcoming birthdays, shush one is tomorrow and the other is celebrating on the 3rd so I'll post them later :)

Planning planning planning, I have so many cute ideas for fixing up my kitchen, planting a drawer full of seed packets around my yard, re-organizing my office space, the list goes on.

Having silly dreams of multi-colored hair and living on a cliff in Ireland in a house with a roof like a greenhouse and spiral staircases

Following my favorite authors, actors, musicians and bloggers on Twitter for daily happies and colorful twitpics

Free Gardening classes at my library

Family visiting, cleaning up and making up the spare room, makes me want to go shopping for new decorations in there...this or this or this or maybe just all of this:
I'm in a very springy green mood :)


Anna said...

OMG have you seen my favorite girl's new hair color?? SOOOO awesome. Here's the link:

lil Me said...

CUTE! Oh I love love love it, she looks like a gal Zoetica... haha oh wait it is :D