Monday, March 1, 2010

My all time favorite Makeup Site: Lime Crime Makeup will provide a charitable donation to Bideawee based on a portion of the company’s March 2010 sales volume.

Lime Crime Makeup was started by Doe Deere in 2008 because she could never find brightly colored makeup! The line has highly pigmented eye shadows and lipsticks in beautiful bright colors! Do not fear, she frequently posts tutorials on her site and all orders come with a limited edition tutorial booklet!

I have put in my order today and will post my own little tutorial here on how I prefer to apply shadow. Click to visit her store any time on the Lime Crime banner in the left column or here:


Anna said...

Fun - what did you buy??

lil Me said...

I bought the Countessa Fluorescent opaque lipstick (bright pink) and Mermaid magic dust (aqua teal like of course)

Coleen Franks said...

I''ll check it out.
Coleen, Ukraine

lil Me said...

Yes its really pretty stuff :) I will post a picture of the items I bought soon :)