Friday, February 19, 2010

Pretty Girly Things!

I just discovered PlasticLand. There are oodles more of lovelies there too

They are currently having a 70% off Fall items... gasp!
I have my eye on a couple things:

Then there is ModCloth if you are into vintage inspired attire
I have this dress and I love love it


Anna said...

Super cute stuff! I'm checking the plastic site out right now =)

Anonymous said...

Ohhh I am checking out the plastic site too! I really like your blog, so much beautiful stuff to ogle over (being broke is terrible :()

I'm burcu, aka thegreatdawn, from for the blog swap!
I'm following you now :)

Iva said...

wow!! what a great coat! and the price AMAZING!!! :) Happy Monday to you!!!

lil Me said...

Thanks all! Iva I love your site, its very cute and I am having a blast checking out your You Tube videos!