Friday, February 12, 2010

My Antique Finds and Tips

Here are a few antiques I have collected in the past year and some tips that could help you too if you would like to collect antiques or just buy vintage to be Earth Friendly!!

Tarnished silver bowl and plate with enameled blue inside

The bowl was found at an antique shop in WI, I spent a tad more on it than I'd prefer ($20) but I was in love with it. The plate/stand/dish (what would you call that?) was found at Goodwill right in Maple Grove for $5! So I am trying to find out what they are, what they would have been used for, are they actually vintage and of course are there any more?
Shopping Tips!
  • Real silver will be thick and heavy. Silver-plated is generally thin and light-weight.
  • Don't care for the tarnished look, dont discard it! Buy a polish like this or make it.

The infamous gold and blue painted sparrow glasses were from an antique shop in Chicago, I use these every day <3

Shopping Tips!
  • Odd numbered? Ask for a discount, most retailers have a minimum of 10% dicount that they can give.
  • Check for stains, chips or cracks. Make sure to inspect Every piece.

Mink Hat, tag says Small and Marshall Fields

I am not big fur fan because of personal preferences, but being that its vintage I feel that I am recycling. And that I snagged it for a tiny $15! Its a little snug and REALLY warm so I dont get to wear it as often as I'd like.
Shopping tips!
  • Look at it! Stains at the armpits and collar cannot be cleaned. Openings or tears at the seams of the fur mean that the fur coat has not been cared for and has dried out which will sound crunchy. Longer guard hairs are missing at the edge or balding spots means the fur is falling out.
  • Smell it! Odors like mothballs or cigarettes will not go away and no ladies Febreze wont help either.
  • Buy it! Get it dry cleaned and ask about instructions on how to take care of it.
  • Wear it! Enjoy :D

Bone China Tea Cup, Antique shop in Chicago

This is a Bone China, hand painted cup.
Shopping Tips!

  • Bone China was and is made with animal bone ash, china stone and china clay. It was introduced in the 1800's as a less expensive way than porcelain, its lighter and you can use brighter colors with Bone China.
  • Inspect the piece carefully for staining, crazing, fractures and repairs.


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