Friday, February 6, 2009

Dress Drama

So, I might cry or just totally start over on this wedding dress thing. And I apologize this is really picture heavy so it might take a bit to load.

OH** no tato viewing sorry love not sure what I want to do yet!!**

OK so I decided awhile ago that I wanted a different non-wedding dress. I tried on a couple of dresses from some higher end bridal salons, regular stores, consignment stores and even tried just looking for basic white or ivory dresses at Nordstroms, Macys and even Targets odd wedding section. Here are a couple I was pretty much in love with:

But I am worried they looked too Medieval, or I think I am in a metal band, running around on stage in a half untied corsets screaming on a stage... ok yes I love the style, but not for a wedding.

I decided that I'd really like a dress similar to the gorgeous Inara from Firefly. I gave in and decided to get it made.

So here is what I had made.

It is supposed to be fitted to the measurements I gave her and I can barely keep the top from sliding down. I wanted a soft ivory and its a little more champagne-colored than I had asked for. And the sleeves are a really stiff and not the jersey fabric I wanted. Then look at the corset bodice... yes it is really crooked and I cannot fix it at all. and it doesnt REALLY go with the birdcage veil that I want or the aqua accents I wanted to add.

Here is a newer inspiration: Just this ivory dress with a blue cardigan. Or this blue dress with a cardigan.




*JustGlitter* said...

I like the light blue dress with the cardigan, but I also really think a tea length would look amazing with the birdcage veil and aqua accents. Plus, you could have sweet shoes and everyone could see them =)

Kiiss said...

I love the light blue dress too but I don't think matching with a cardigan is very flattering for a wedding dress.

Since you got the Inara's dress made, what happened to it? Are you just going to keep it? Poor dress, it looks beautiful too. :)

le petite Sparrow said...

Thanks for your thoughts! :)

I do still have the Inara dress. I might keep it depending on if I can get a little refund on it or if I can sell it. I just wouldnt want to sell someone the dress with the crooked corset :-/

Lorena said...

Light blue dress is my favorite too!! Looks beautiful with the cardigan.