Thursday, March 6, 2008

Things I Love Thursday :D

Easter - Everything is so colorful, happy, and cheerful. Its a true sign that its going to feel like spring soon (This MN winter has taken a toll on my love of winter). I feel like growing purple tulips, opening my windows, baking little heart shaped cakes in a pink ruffled apron, and painting colored eggs. And, for my little darker side we have Peep Experiments. Now I love these little guys but they are so gross, I can't eat them. So this is fun to play with!

Kendra Binney - I love her playful and sentimental pieces. I am dieing to buy one soon!

Feathered Hair pins - These are so elegant, I think I may try and make a couple for myself!

Top Hat - The Gothic Lolita in me :)

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