Monday, March 17, 2008

Weekly Resolutions

  • Organize things. I have about 3 months until I move into my new HUGE lovely apartment. I need to go through my books (started yesterday teehee), get a new box for my 'memories' so I can put all the yearbooks and school papers in there clear up some bookshelf space.
  • Finally organize my craft boxes
  • Then there is the candle/decorations/bathroom products dump boxes x-(
  • Start my kitchen apparel :) Making aprons with matching oven-mits.
  • Get up early to have cereal, cup of coffee and read the news.
  • Work out, or go for a walk every other day (yay daylight savings time)
  • Sneak in some fun online training courses at work when I get bored.
PHEW its gonna be a good week if I can get these all accomplished ;)

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