Friday, March 7, 2008

Projects, projects, projects

FINALLY, I made some things I can show off!

♥ I didn't have enough fabric to make the cozy according to the plans I posted last week LapTop Cozy But I love this fabric (not a clue what the name is :( but its a very thick, upholstery fabric) and it turned out pretty ok! I think I want to add a handle or straps and I still need to attach the velcro.

♥ I finished my boyfiend's throw pillow (lets hope he likes it tehe) This was a tad over my skills but I was darn determined and I think I took it apart about 4 times to get it to this! Its not Broncos orange, really! Its a burnt orange, suede fabric.

♥ And, in my Harry Potter marathon - peanut butter and jelly - bored frenzy I made an elastic choker I am IN LOVE with! (From a huge lot of lace I got dirt cheap on craigslist.

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