Monday, March 24, 2008

Weekly Resolutions

Well, last week's resolutions weren't too great :-/ BUT, theres always a new week! The weather here is unreal... its snowing about once a week and making us all a little crazy waiting for spring. So I have found myself in a nasty rut of recorded shows, dinner, and WoW leaving no time for activities about every night.

Finish up projects/throw out unwanted fabrics taking up too much space: my light blue scarf, apron, plaid dress.

♣ Work out/get out/go play. Not everyday is some kind of terrible snow storm: go for a walk, ride my bike to the lake and if it is bad weather, might as well hop into my little gym with a couple magazines. I am super tired again lately and I know its lack of physical activities ;)

♣ The dreaded boxes.... GO THROUGH THEM haha

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