Friday, August 29, 2008

Henna Hair Dye.... Experience

Tales of a hair dying experience using henna

This was a while back and I have been trying to post it for awhile now.

OK, am in search of a new dye technique that wont chem-out my black locks and am going through a big "Go Green" phase. I always love the blue-black color, gives such a pretty luster :)
So, after online threads and making a trek to my fav little store LUSH :D I got my first henna coloring

Doesn't look too hard based on the directions (she has the red version in the pictures, I picked the blue black kind)! So you should kind of shred the block up to make it easier to mix with the warm water. CHECK!

Not so sure about the smell and look of this here mixture, but it mixed up fine!

I slather this stuff all over my head and OMG I literally smelled like some kind of bong watery mud creature.

The bleaching of my poor counters... this is after 3 scrubs already :-/

You're supposed to keep it in for about 4-8 hours, so I slept in it... Thick loooong hair rock solid on the top of my head 5 am almost in tears trying to get this stuff out before work. I remember being a kid and putting clay in my hair because of who-knows-why, mostly because I was a feral child who wished she was living like her Indian ancestors anyways, this event brought mega flash backs. NOT FUN and my hair just pretty much stayed a dark green after finally getting the henna out.

SO, I am back to the chem coloring... going green didn't really go as planned. I didn't plan on BEING GREEN hehe.

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Melanie Lauren said...

OMG... I had almost the exact same experience.. I remember sitting in my car crying, on the phone to a 1-800-OMG-HELP! number and them telling me "it will have to grow out"... AAGH!
I've since stuck to being au-natural (same color as you).
Melanie (puddlebugs on