Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bridesmaid Dress Ideas

Ok, so my very non-traditional, but very pea and potato wedding is coming along! HOORAY.
A little background info: We want a low key, but very fun celebration with our peps. I am only having one bridesmaid for too many reasons to list, but mostly because we're only inviting 50 people and my baby sister (well, she is 17) is going to be my Maid of Honor. Since it is a fairly casual wedding and my sister is not the girly girl type, I want to find her a fun summery/sun dress. Our colors will be types of light aqua, brown and ivory/light champagne. The idea of trying to match the exact hue and saturation of a color is silly and a head-ache waiting to happen.

So, in my off-time here I have a few ideas for Bridesmaid dresses:
1st up dress from Blue Fly by Alxia Admor for $62

Another from Blue Fly by Nicole Miller for $140

This one by Vera Wang for $140, I'd change the ivory ribbon to a blue ribbon

Urban Outfitters for $40!!! Now, trouble with Urban Outfitters is the colors are always different when you get them home. This one is called 'Emerald' but it looks very aqua to me :-/

From Nordstroms for $108 and on sale ;)

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