Monday, July 13, 2009

Out on the Town - Claddagh

Since my husband and I like to eat out once in awhile, I thought I'd blog about the food around the Twin Cities :)

Claddagh Irish Pub

We have tried eating here for lunch and dinner, and for the obvious pint :) Always good eating.

But on Sunday we decided (impromtu desperate breakfast searching) see what was open for breakfast. To our happy suprise, Claddagh serves brunch from 9am to 3pm. My husband was giddy to see Steak and Eggs and ordered a guiness with. I had Waffles and eggs with coffee. The coffee was rich with a hint of maple but not sweet, the waffles were fluffy and delicous. Jordan's steak and eggs were perfectly cooked and well proportioned. I half debated on getting the Monte Cristo but wasn't real sure I could eat more than a bite ;) Anyone up for half-ies with me sometime?

I highly recommend the brunch! Whats your fav brunch spot?

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Leona said...

Eric and I enjoy having brunch at Three Squares right across the street. They have some very tasty dishes such as the meatloaf hash or the banana pancakes. We don't really enjoy Three Squares for dinner, but we make a point to head on over for breakfast.