Sunday, September 25, 2011

A little exterior refesher

We finally got around to painting the exterior of our outdated, paint chipping house.
Here is the house before:

After in Behr's Rocky Ridge.:

A few other things we're looking to update is the front door:

And maybe adding a few not too modern, not too country looking shutters:

I am really digging this deep peacock color as an accent, so we'd build a patio set to match for the new patio too!  

And for the details, touch up the old house numbers (I might just go buy new ones though), hardware and paint the lanterns on either side of the garage door.

What do you think? Anything else you would add or change?


Anna @ The Owl and The Phoenix said...

Love the peacock for door and shutters! I vote new, more modern light and numbers. And, I like the red patio set with the peacock accents =)

The Storyteller said...

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