Friday, August 9, 2013

2013 Deck flowers

I figured since I posted this fuzzy yelling at the dog and the cats to stop chewing on the plants picture on Facebook on Tuesday trying to save my plants from the hail/tornado/severe wind warnings; I'd write a post about my deck plants!

This year we went with full sun, low water, cheap plain old geraniums and honestly we love them.  There are some vinca vines and creeping thyme in there too (mosquitoes don't like creeping thyme).

 This guy is a begonia, I have him closer to the shady side by the patio window since he likes part sun, plus it looks nice outside the dining room patio window.

I have no idea what this plant is to be honest haha I saw it at the Farmers Market and just had to have it :)

My husband spotted this crazy looking plant, we have dubbed him sprocket.

These aren't really flower pictures but I was out so I thought I'd share the yard, the garden looks tiny back there haha

Here is how the apple tree is looking this year after his trim (sorry about the blazing halo of light over the tree, I was trying to get a few pics in last night before the sun went down).

Here he is pre-trim, it was taller than our house back in April

After, it was definitely shocking...

then spring happened...

haha :)

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PK said...

The unknown plant is some kind of sedum :)