Saturday, May 21, 2016

Main Bath Remodel Part 2

Taking out the cast iron tub was... loud. haha You have to smash it with a sledge hammer into pieces to get out of the house.

Next steps were to figure out the height of the plumbing.  We upgraded to a taller soaker tub so we needed to make sure everything lines up with the taller tub.  

Plumbing set and inspection passed!

We are also debating between a half glass shower wall or just a shower curtain.
From Via Pinterest
From The Marion House Book via Pinterest
This will also affect what type of shower head we'll purchase (the half glass will need a shower head that sprays straight down so water doesn't splash out) so I am not getting anything until we have made up our minds.

Next is finding a vanity that doesn't cost a mortgage payment...

All set to build and inset shelf and begin putting up cement board.

This is the wall we will put in a 12x12 insert

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