Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Favorite Things - Etsy!

Favorite Things - Etsy!
I love people's hand made stuff. Here are some of my recent favorite sellers and/or items that I thought I would share with you all from Etsy :)
  • Camias Shop - lots of really pretty elvish-looking jewelry

  • DNTX shop - Cutest bicycle handle bar bags :D which are also convertible to a hand bag.

  • Adorakable1 - First, I love the name! She has these cute novel covers... I have an issue with really bad vampire novels and teen vampire novels. I am not ashamed... but I hate it when people try to read the cover on my books riding the bus.
  • I just bought these crochet cuffs from whiletheyplay and a slew of patterns from her.
  • Seraart - Oodles of vintage reconstruction items with a Steampunk look sometimes <3
  • Gorjuss - I have these prints from her

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