Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Chartpak Blender - Wall Art

One of the major reasons I have not posted pictures of my remodeled bathroom is 1. I still need to find or just paint the old towel rack (lazy) 2. because I bought some really cute wall stickers from IKEA that will NOT stay on the walls :-/ so I have been looking into some other way to maybe paint these on instead. Until I found Chartpak Blender
Chartpak Admarker P-o Blender

Chartpak Blender can be as useful for home decor projects as well as for art projects. I am going to use it to transfer a black and white copy to my wall. The blender loosens the ink from regular old Xerox copies, allowing it to then be transferred by burnishing the back of the paper with a soft pencil.

Tape the "transfer" paper to the wall where you want it, then cover the back of your image with the blender. After covering the image, burnish the area with a soft-lead pencil. The black ink will transfer right from the paper to the wall. From my understanding, the image will look a bit more gray than black.

Get a Chartpak Blender at your local art supply shop or online at Amazon.

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