Monday, November 15, 2010


My favorite Minneapolis architectural antique store next to Cupcake

Ok, so I took two pictures of this Church window piece because the first one shows the true colors of the light through the windows
 And this one shows the awesome colors of the glass, chandalier, and HELLO aqua mongo bowl!
 THis is probably overwhelming for people but I looooove this huge selection of lighting they have throughout this store!
 This church piece is fantastic, I have see it now 3 times and have just gasped at it, as soon as I can find a place for it, it will be mine!
 This piece was just too beautiful!
 A tiny pic of the wall of key plates
 I LOOOOOVE these iron pieces on the side in their rusted glorious-ness
 Seen Mad Men? This is the entrance of one of Condor Hilton's hotels in Chicago, back "in the day" they used to lock up the hotels at night with one of these revolving door locking doors. This one was pulled out and is on sale for a meer $3k!
 A close up of the top piece

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Anonymous said...

I think he actually wanted like 9k or 20k, either way, it was horrendously expensive but would make a heck of a door.
- Hubby
PS that store rules, let's go with Allie Pants next time he's in town, yeah?