Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween Costume!!

Halloween Costume countdown!
2009 - Victorian Vampire Hunter
I made the skirt, arm warmers, hat and shrug. Corset was from LoriAnn Costumes

2008 - Beer Maid

Just bought it at a Spirit Halloween store

2007 - Sassy Pirate
Not too suprising but I just dug around my closet and put this together

2006 - Fairy (first time with the bop it)
Same shirt and skirt from pirate costume, old Corset from Charlotte Ruse, made fairy wings out of wire and cheesecloth

Here is this year's costume! Medusa :)

  • I bought my "Hulk" Contacts from
  • Costume was made from Simplicity pattern #3647, my review is here
  • I bought my snakes from Amazon 12 Rubber RAINFOREST Snakes (can you believe I couldnt find snakes ANYWHERE?!?!) and just pinned them with bobby pins and safety pins
  • Earrings from Target
  • Necklace I made from green snake skin trim from Joanns twisted around a thick wire from a leftover fairy wings project and wrapped it around my neck to look like a snake. (see 2006 fairy wings above)
  • Snake armband from Amazon Metal Snake Armband Adult (One-Size)
  •  Greek keyTrim from Joanns
  • Put fishnet over your head, dab Green Cream Makeup in select areas around face and hair line,
  • follow with black eye shadow, I used MAC Velvet Eye Shadow in just a few spots then any green and yellow eyeshadow, again I used a few MAC eyeshadows I had around.
  • I then added a little glitter around the eyes. I used Nyx cream glitter


Anonymous said...

I would love any tips you could give me on how to make the hat with your Victorian Vampire Hunter outfit. I've been looking for something just like it and I can't find any for much less than $100, which is more than I'm willing to pay.

lil Me said...

Absolutely! It was actually pretty easy if you are comfortable with a sewing machine!
I had a few other comments and emails before about the hats so I made a post if you would like to check it out here: