Saturday, July 14, 2012

Next Renovation Project: Master Suite Addition

This may be a bit out, but I have "the renovation bug" now. Our future big renovation project is to build an addition over the garage as a Master Suite. My husband and I are… cozy in our current 10x11 bedroom. We added two wardrobes on each side of the bed for additional closet space but still have a dresser cramped at the end of the room full, a small closet stuffed and the spare room closet storing my dresses since neither of the other closets have long enough racks for hanging dresses. When seasons change I get a little creative storing off-season items in totes in the master bedroom closet's odd space (that takes up half the closet).  Having a master suite would give us that extra room for kids when we start having them without losing our spare room and have a relaxing escape for the two of us to spend quiet cuddly time together. Not to mention a bathroom we could both use (I currently use the basement bathroom to get ready because of the lack of outlets and counter space to get ready, while my husband uses the bathroom across the hall from our current room). And a walk-in closet full of fantastic cubbies, storage, and hanging room for both our clothes. Bliss.

Here is our current bedroom through the doorway
The odd space I loosely call storage space in the closet

A rough estimate of the current space (I love

And here is the proposed floor plan for the new addition


Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

That floor planner program looks fun! I might have to try that! It is fun to dream and plan, how exciting to dream up a new master suite!

Din said...

Lovin your makeovers with your house! :) Hope everything goes well! :)

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Sarah Ostenson said...

That looks awesome! I wish I could redo my bedroom


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Above Ground said...

I love the floor plan! Found you on the Follow Me swap, also.


Jessica (Peace Love Books) said...

Oooh looks like a ton of fun! I love reorganizing/redecorating, so I hope you have fun with it!

Stopping by from Follow Me #3 :)

Vintage Love and Photographs said...

That floor planner is pretty cool. I'm in the process of redoing my bedroom as well and so far I love how it's turning out.


Karen G. said...

I can't imagine redoing a room. I am worthless with power tools as well as furniture placement. Athough with the help of the floor planner would be awesome.
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Leila Summers said...

How inspiring! Makes we want to do something to my house right now! But I'll have to settle for springcleaning as I'm currently renting (:
x rubyrose

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Love the floor plan, looks like it's going to be amazing.

Anna @ The Owl and The Phoenix said...

Cool - that will be SO nice! The current bedrooms are so tiny for adults.

Alejandra Hutchcraft said...

“This may be a bit out, but I have ‘the renovation bug ‘now.” – I hear you! I admit that I’m a home reno junkie myself. Whenever I’m given a chance, I would do some renovations on the room and change its design and style. And looking at your plan, I think that it is feasible. But what I love about it is the ample space. I hope that this would come into fruition.