Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Things I love Thursday
  • I have a little obsession lately with workplace spaces o_O
    Check out this lobby for guests at Stephen Reed's office... Cushions with graphic print and beech veneer benches. I <3 scrabble

  • My Flickr search of neat places

  • Google of course

  • Happy inner nerd: Wizards of the Coast

  • ZOMBIE SHOOOOES!! I love this pair from Hot Topic... that don't exist for purchase -.- But I found this site with loads of lovely zombie themed shoes :D Hmm.. "something blue" and zombie for wedding perhaps?

    Happy Weekend all!!


Sarah Von said...

Oh my. Those zombie shoes are fantastic!

kc_froglady said...

Oh I really like the Scrabble benches! What a novel idea! (SwapBot)

Gecko said...

I lurrve those cushions in the first 2 pic, where can I get my own?
I wonder how many other words can be made from them?

le petite Sparrow said...

This Etsy Seller makes some cute ones!

Kiiss said...

Ooo...I just love the scrabble pillows. I need to make some for my lonely couch. :D