Thursday, January 29, 2009


Things I love Thursday
Ok, so more like Lush Things I'd like to try Thursday ;)
  • Lush Happy 4 SAD

    Mandarin, grapefruit and neroli brighten gloomy outlooks

    Happy 4 SAD is a cheery shower gel for everyone who doesn't get enough sunshine; this includes those who work under fluorescent lights in malls and offices. Refreshing mandarin oil, anti-depressant grapefruit oil and soothing rose oxymel bring sunshine to your body. We also add in neroli oil, the one that's been proven to induce euphoria. On days when you don't want to get up and go to work, take a shower with Happy 4 SAD and drift away on a cloud of orange-scented vapor.

  • Lush Ghost shower gel

    Spiritually uplifting & shimmery – limited time

    Let the scent of this beautiful, floral shower gel lessen your fears of the supernatural. Made with rose and dove orchid infusions, Ghost first made an appearance in 2007 and now it's back to haunt us. Translucent, lovely and only around for a moment, Ghost merits a photograph or no one will believe it really existed. All that will remain is soft skin and the fragrance of lilies.

  • Lush Let Them Eat Cake lip balm

    or kissable lips as sweet as cake

    Orange and lemons, currants and sultanas, vanilla, sherry and treacle. This must be the tastiest lip balm on the planet. As you can imagine it can be quite tricky for vegans to find lovely products, but at LUSH it's quite easy. Except in the lip balm department, where all our 2008 products were vegetarian but not vegan. Many of our vegan friends and co-workers have a great fondness for cake (vegan of course). So when Helen and Noriko blended our new vegan lip balm base, Helen decided to make it cake flavoured. So now everyone's quite happy.


tammiemarie said...

sigh. i love weddings. you're making me want to get married all over again! i love the colors you've chosen!

i'm here via swap-bot, "cakemaker", my blog is about crafting and cooking! come visit me soon!

nifwlseirff said...

Argh! I love Lush, but I haven't bought anything from there in so long! Happy 3 SAD has a wonderful scent.

Via swap-bot :-)

Gecko said...

Mmm, sherry lip balm? Who would've thought? LOL! Thanks for sharing, your blog is great!

(Gain exposure to your blog-Swapbot)