Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cabinet hardware dilemma

This is so minor, but I am too darn picky!  I am having the hardest time picking out hardware for the new cabinets. There has been a lot of scrapping and prying at doors and drawers to get them open (we have the soft close mechanisms on all of them) its been quite frustrating.

Ok, with the upper cabinets being so tall, we opted to have drawer pulls for all of the cabinets vs. knobs. Here are some images of what I am thinking:
All Pinterest

I am sticking with the oil rubbed bronze to match the light pendants and found these beauties:
Restoration Hardware

But the problem is this:

So the hunt is on and I found a few options I really like from Kitchen Cabinet Hardware. These Charlotte Pulls which would calculate to a cool $201.69, that's over a hundred dollars savings and look nearly identical to its Restoration Hardware pals!
And these Hopewell Bar Pulls that are similar to the inspirational images above which would calculate to $247.14

 What do you all think? the Hopewell Bar Pulls come a little longer, which would give the cabinets a little sleeker of a look, the Charlotte Pulls a bit more of a vintage look... decisions decisions.


Natalie said...

Oooo I really like the Charlotte Pulls. I like their look and they look like they would feel nice in your hand. Those I think would look really nice in your kitchen. And, for what it's worth though you didn't ask about this, I think the door pulls look best vertically, I don't like them horizontal. That's just me though :)

Christy Constable said...

Thanks Natalie, I agree and also about them being vertical! It would look odd with the cabinets so tall.

Anna @ The Owl and The Phoenix said...

Well, all the images you pinned have pulls more like the Hopewell, but I think either kind would look nice. Also, I really like the horizontal pulls, but it's just a sleeker look - not necessarily better or worse =)