Monday, June 25, 2012

Kitchen Update 5

Well this post isn't as much of an update as it is more of a "look at all this other stuff I've done" post.

I surprised my sister by coming home for her 21st Birthday and got matching tattoos:

Hubs went on a business trip to Shanghai:
via China Your Way

I rode the MS 150 Ride for Multiple Sclerosis:

And our friends tied the knot:

So, here is what we've done since May 24 ... Put the flooring in:
 Silly brother photo-bomb included:

The floor looks SO nice I can't get enough of it. But we still have a bit to go: finish priming/painting the ceiling, get the living room carpet re stretched and threshold installed, new air-intake vents installed, put up crown molding and kick boards, find a light for over the sink,  install the electrical, bead board and corbels for the granite in the center island. And not to mention the rest of those adulty things like the laundry since the 24th needs to be done, my house is a disaster, I need to get the upstairs bathroom back in working order, the lawn and gardens finally got about half worked on, but I threw my back out doing it. Oi.

But this weekend we finally ordered our black granite from the fabulous guys at All American Granite in Burnsville! They will be out to measure on July 2nd, install date is set for July 6th. Cannot wait!

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