Friday, June 29, 2012

Kitchen tile and pendant lighting

Yesterday's dilemma  had  me thinking about the last two items that need to be decided on and purchased. The back splash tile and over-the-sink pendant light.

I have my eye on the Beveled Moroccan tile from here that I was trying to win this contest.  Here is that tile again:

A few issues with that; I feel the contest wasn't entirely fair, it was very confusing, and they haven't even announced a winner yet (was said to be announced a week ago). 

There is a code for about 10% off on the site... even with that though, including shipping, my tile would cost over $700...  I just can't do that now with the floor and granite being more than budgeted. 

I recently read a post here on Chris and Damon's kitchen remodel and check out their cute backsplash at $7 a square foot:

$7?! I immediately looked back to, where they mentioned they purchased their tile. 

With shipping, these would be less than $300!!  I love the beveled look of the pricier tile, but the picture of Chris and Damon's kitchen looks fantastic! That being said, I think I'll purchase these instead (I can almost hear my husband sighing in relief right now).

As for the pendant light, I am stumped. I love this from Pottery Barn ($219)

But will probably get this guy $87

Even $87 seems steep though. I'll keep ya posted!

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Anna @ The Owl and The Phoenix said...

Oh, I totally thought the pendant over the sink was going to be the same as those over the island!

I like the 'cheap' tiles. They will be SO much easier to keep clean too - whenever I see those beveled tiles I can't help but think about grease and dust settling in there =/