Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Kitchen Progress Uno

Ok, here is a quick run-down of what we have today.

We started by wanting to check inside the wall we are tearing down for potential electrical issues. The cut out below is the telephone line.

(ps notice a little layout change from yesterday's post? Lots of changes to the living room to come too! 
Oh and look at that apple tree in the window full of blooms!! Love! 
The tape line on the floor was an option we were looking at to have the island face the living room, we decided it would be easier to face the dining room since the stools on the island will want to be on the hard wood floor.

Moving on, one hole became three:

Then we just gave in and tore out the whole wall (this went pretty quickly, we did this one Thursday night and one Friday night after work to pull out the upper cabinets).

Next up, we decided to remove the popcorn texture from the ceiling ourselves, it is actually a lot easier than I had initially anticipated. The prep work however, was very tedious. I did a bit of googling and found this video very helpful by Ron Hazelton . Just a quick how to for those who don't want to watch the video: Turn off all the electrical in that room, tape plastic over the walls and floor to protect from the water. I then used resin paper over the plastic on the floor for quick clean up too (you wont regret it, just scoop up all the paper and toss all of it in the trash). Use a small garden sprayer to get about a 5 square foot area damp and let sit for about 10 minutes then I used about a 3" flat scraper and start scraping!

Putting up the plastic is really hard to do alone, how does Dexter do this by himself!? (PS the aqua lanterns were prototypes for pendant lighting that I will post about in a future post).

One other frustration I had, was the plastic was too heavy and started to fall within 30 minutes of me finally getting it all up.

We did things a bit out of order, but the hubs was out most of Saturday so I did some of the  scraping earlier mention until he got home. So, then we worked on the soffits. And with that,  down came most of the insulation during that too, so we will be adding to the list to have the insulation re-blow in the attic when we finish.

Here is the living room prepped to scrape using a lighter plastic, we did use the heavy plastic on the floor instead, which worked perfectly.

Here is the wiring and plumbing that needs to get reworked from inside the old soffit (electrical to be done later):

Here is the after on the plumbing work, we used LaVahn Brothers which were wonderful. Very professional and a good price. I was also able to use a coupon from their site to get $25 off too!

We were able to get the soffits down, the popcorn removed from the kitchen, dining, and half the living room in 2 days over the weekend.

(PS more re-arranging! We have now added "Build a half wall in the corner for the TV" to the list).

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