Thursday, May 17, 2012

Kitchen Update 3

The island pendant lights have been ordered!

I couldn't decide between two options, so I ordered them both to see how they look with the cabinets. The gal at LampGoods has been wonderful and am I able to check out both pendants and send back the pair I don't wish to keep. 

A clear globe pendant similar to the one in my MoodBoard:
And a crackled glass pendant:

Look how the light hits the ceiling!

So far, the ceiling is ready for the drywall guys to start the knock-down texture, we're just waiting for the bids to come in, which unfortunately is taking longer than we hoped. Tonight I plan on getting all the tools and extra furniture out of the dining area for some move-ability, clean the old appliances to sell on craigslist or a few family members were interested in them for their cabins, and move out the dishes from the remaining base cabinets.

Tomorrow we rip out the old kitchen floors. Yes as in plural, there are two sets of linoleum in the kitchen that needs to come up for the new wood floor. We also need to get the dining room carpet removed and re-stretched to tack down since we are keeping the carpet in the living room.

And this weekend... the cabinets are in if everything goes to schedule. According to Menards handy order tracker, were right on schedule!
I am feeling overly optimistic, and hoping this weekend we'll have ceiling, cabinets and flooring done (keeping fingers crossed). I'll let you all know how it goes ;)

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